Here's just a small sampling of the amazing work our products have been a part of over the years

For decades, our customers have used the quality building materials they’ve purchased at Forest Lumber for every kind of project imaginable. From framing new houses, to trim/finish work, custom cabinet construction, and hardwood floor and door installation, our customers have produced beautiful work, using the best woods available.

We’re very proud to display a collection of some of their work here, so that you can draw inspiration fro the work that they’ve done and get some ideas for your own home’s next project.

Let us help you transform your next home improvement wish from a dream into reality by providing you with the best building materials available to get the job done. If you like the work you see here in our photo gallery we can also put you in touch with the contractors who created them, so you’ll be sure that you’ll end up with the finished product you’re looking for.


The Pasta Shop in Denville, NJ used our birch wood to build their handcrafted tables, benches and pasta station where they make delicious fresh pasta daily for all of our community and beyond to enjoy.